Versatile Suit Styles for Menswear Hire in Amersham

If you’re unsure what style to choose or if you’ve never had a fitting with a menswear hire specialist before, we’re here to help Amersham clients to pick from the top suit types to wear for any occasion. At Country House, we have more than 50 years of combined experience in fitting gentleman around Beaconsfield with morning suit hire and dinner suit hire options, made from refined fabrics. We will offer invaluable advice for everyday suits and wedding suit hire, including how to modernise your ensemble with navy suit hire variations.

Top 5 Suits to Choose From


1. Navy Suit Hire


Whether you’re buying a bespoke navy suit or looking for navy suit hire, Amersham clients will quickly realise how great an investment this deep shade can be. In keeping with its rise in popularity, navy suit hire affords gentlemen with a trendy, modern aesthetic, which can add a vibrant touch to a morning suit hire, as well as a tuxedo or dinner suit hire. The colour is extremely versatile for any purpose of menswear hire, including wedding suit hire. This increases the value of your purchase too. Navy suit hire is ideal to wear in a corporate environment, followed by an evening soiree without requiring a wardrobe change before leaving the office.


2. Charcoal Grey Suit


We know that a light grey suit will make the gentlemen of Amersham look chic for business attire or wedding suit hire. This is often likened to Hollywood icons like Cary Grant in North by Northwest and Sean Connery as James Bond. The lighter grey is great for a summer or morning suit hire with lightweight fabric, however, a charcoal shade can be worn all year round. Our menswear hire team will help Amersham clients to accessorise and dress down the aesthetic. This flexibility allows the wearer to blend in at work or in dinner suit hire apparel for pleasure.


3. Double-Breasted Style


If you’re worried about looking too boxed into a double-breasted suit, Amersham men will be happy to know that a double-breasted wedding suit hire can be tailored with a modern fit. This will make you feel comfortable and powerful, emitting a strong silhouette. Our menswear hire specialists will discuss how groomsmen can incorporate a wedding theme into their statement look, such as thin and elegant or thick and bold windowpane fabric designs. The accessories are also kept to a minimum as the style commands attention. Why not choose double-breasted navy suit hire for a contemporary and extravagant style when walking down the aisle?


4. Summer Suit Choices


Comfort is a key factor to consider for summer menswear hire. A slightly relaxed fit, as opposed to a tighter slim fitted suit, will offer more flexibility and ventilation. This will prevent Amersham clients from encountering a sticky, sweaty feel which diminishes their confidence. Picking a lightweight wool, including tweed, as well as cotton, linen or a cotton-linen blend will alleviate unsightly perspiration. For morning suit hire, which is best for daytime or outdoor, destination wedding suit hire, our tailor will recommend light hues like blue, grey or beige. These can be worn at the office or to casual social events too.


5. Dinner Suit Hire


You can’t go wrong with a dinner suit hire, which is traditionally worn after 6pm by the gentlemen of Amersham and in general. This idea matches the classic black tie look reserved for special occasions. Clients being fitted for a dinner suit hire will include a white dress shirt, black bow tie, waistcoat or cummerbund, black shoes and a dinner jacket, which is also known as a tuxedo. In comparison to a summer, morning suit hire option, dinner suit hire shouldn’t be relaxed or ill-fitting. The standard black can be switched to navy suit hire for a refined difference.

To find out more about fittings for different styles of menswear hire in Amersham and the surrounding area, call 01494 673 185.

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