Dinner Suit Hire in Beaconsfield | An Elegant and Sophisticated Range for Black Tie Events

Have you received an invitation for a black tie event in the Buckinghamshire area? To meet the dress code requirements, and to provide a bold statement, look no further than dinner suit hire from Country House. With a personal service tailored to your specific needs and tastes, we can help you create your desired aesthetic. With a range of classic and contemporary cuts, as well as styles to suit occasions of any size, our menswear experts continually achieve complete satisfaction.


Based in Beaconsfield, we have been the trusted choice for dinner suit hire in High Wycombe, Marlow, Windsor and the neighbouring areas since our establishment in 1973.


We pride ourselves on making superior menswear accessible and easy to understand. As such, we provide a fitting service designed to minimise disruption to your daily routines. For example, if you have a corporate event, we can schedule a group fitting session for up to 6 people at your place of business. We then use these accurate measurements to create tailor-made dress suits of exceptional quality.


What’s more, we also schedule delivery to, and collection from, an address of your choosing.


From Beaconsfield to Marlow, and from High Wycombe to Windsor, we take the stress and concern out of dinner suit hire.


Please contact us to start your own bespoke service.

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Your Guide to Dinner Suit Hire


At Country House, we recognise that not everyone has experience with black tie dress codes and etiquette. As such, our time-served menswear personnel go above and beyond to remove any confusion or apprehension you may have ahead of your formal event.


First, we should clarify a common query: what’s the difference between a tuxedo and a dinner jacket?


In short, nothing. They are one and the same. A dinner jacket here in the UK is the same as a tuxedo in the US. While the terms have become increasingly interchangeable, it’s an important distinction to make.


An even more important distinction, however, comes when comparing the dinner suit hire options in our Beaconsfield shop to the more standard suits. Yes, both options are smart, but dinner jackets are far more dressed-up. This helps to create the refined, sophisticated atmosphere found at black tie events in and around High Wycombe, Marlow and Windsor.

One of the key factors that sets dinner suit hire options apart from other formal menswear is the use of satin. Whether it’s on the lapels and pockets, around the buttons or running down the outside of the trouser legs, the small flashes of satin sets dinner suits apart.


You should also note, black tie attire is strictly evening wear. The traditionally dark shades of dinner jackets – think black, midnight blue and burgundy – make the perfect choice for an after-dark ambience. It’s no coincidence that black tie events, be they in Beaconsfield, High Wycombe, Marlow, Windsor or any other location, start after 6pm.


Despite the rules and etiquette, you can integrate personal touches into your dinner suit hire option. With our menswear specialists on hand, you can rest assured you will arrive at your event feeling comfortable and stylish while respecting the dress code and tradition.


For formal daytime attire, Country House also provides a range of morning suit hire options.

Call Country House on 01494 673 185 to discuss your own requirements for dinner suit hire. Based in Beaconsfield, we welcome customers from across Buckinghamshire.

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image of a man in a three piece suit
image of a man in a three piece suit

To find out more about our menswear hire or to book an appointment with a tailor in the Marlow, High Wycombe, Windsor, Amersham or Buckinghamshire area, call 01494 673 185.

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image of a man in a three piece suit
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image of a man in a three piece suit