Fabrics and Accessories for Menswear Hire in Marlow

Depending on the time of year, Marlow clients can benefit from the menswear hire specialists at Country House to offer advice on the ideal fabric to keep them cool or warm. The type of cloth we use for morning suit hire and dinner suit hire is supplied by the finest international fabric manufacturers, available in the UK. If you’re are set on a contemporary navy suit hire, or if you want a comfortable and eye-catching wedding suit hire – allow our tailor to choose the right material and accessories too.

Choosing Fabrics for the Season


  • Morning Suit Hire for Spring and Summer – Linen and cotton-linen mixes are ideally worn in the warmer months, as well as Marlow clients who require morning suit hire for travelling abroad to hotter countries. The flax plant fibres of linen allow the fabric to breathe, even with fitted, tailored menswear hire suits. The blend of fabrics helps with moisture and wrinkle resistance, which is also a perfect feature for summer wedding suit hire. Groomsmen who need lightweight wedding suit hire options for destination ceremonies can also choose lightweight, worsted wool.
  • Dinner Suit Hire for Autumn or Winter – Wool, including heavier tweed jackets and three-piece business or wedding suit hire will keep Marlow clients warm and well-ventilated. The tightly woven fibres provide superior insulation, without any unpleasant sweat patches. While navy suit hire can be worn at any time of year, the colour is great for dinner suit hire too. Our tailor will highly recommend wool for gentlemen with a preference for navy suit hire, to maintain warmth and a wrinkle-free aesthetic throughout the entire soiree.

Accessorising and Layering Menswear Hire


At Crown House, we offer a wide selection of casual menswear hire which can be incorporated into business or social morning suit hire, and accessories for wedding suit hire too.


1. Formal


A smart V-neck jumper can be used to add colour to a Marlow businessman’s winter suit. Darker colours, such as charcoal grey or even a modern navy suit hire can be layered for fashion and insulation. Together with a coloured silk tie, jumpers in darker tones, such as red or brown, can be worn with a plain, crisp white shirt. This will add a warm layer and warm aesthetic to your ensemble.


For dinner suit hire, Marlow clients can add a waistcoat, tie, cravats, cufflinks and a tie bar for chic additions to the traditional tuxedo or dinner suit hire style. If you like the idea of a jaunty, novelty wedding suit hire option, we can rent out top hats too!


2. Smart-Casual


For Marlow men who prefer a smart-casual style, we can suggest choosing from our casual array of Italian designer menswear hire. Adding polo shirts, chinos or jeans together with a cardigan and morning suit hire jacket will help you to achieve a trendy sense of style for social occasions.

To find out more about how we can help the gentlemen of Marlow with menswear hire solutions for a range of winter events, call 01494 673 185.

To find out more about how we can help the gentlemen of Marlow with menswear hire solutions for a range of winter events, call

01494 673 185.

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